Our next meeting will be at 3PM on Sunday, February, 23.

Location:  Saratoga Library Meeting Room, 13650 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070

The evening’s topic will be Tax Loss Harvesting” by Sunil Agrawal.  The slides are here.

Sunil will share with us the reasons why Bogleheads consider TLH, the commonly used strategies, and his personal experiences.

We will not use a projector. If you would like to refer to the material during the meeting, please bring a paper copy with you or refer to it on your handheld.

All are welcome. No RSVPs are needed. Your generous donations help us provide healthy snacks and water.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please arrive by 2:45 PM.  

Parking: If the Saratoga Library parking lot becomes full, there is parking on Crestbrook Drive. This is an easy, short walk to the library, and there’s a crosswalk to cross Saratoga Avenue (Blue dots in the link)

Warning: The Andrew School parking lot should not be used – they do not allow Library Parking.

Our meetings in 2020:

Our meetings in 2019:

  • Our meetings in 2018:

      • February 17 at 11:30 AM at Harry’s Hofbrau.  Roundtable discussion following up on January’s topic.  There’s more info on the Bogleheads forum.
      • March 12 at 7:00 PM at the Saratoga Library.  The topic is Achieving Early Retirement Through Financial independence.  More detailed information can be found on the Bogleads forum.  Topics include:
        • Living below your means
        • How to access retirement funds early without paying penalties
        • Why a very long retirement (50+ years) doesn’t require much more money than a 20-30 year retirement
        • Healthcare planning`
      • April 19 at 7:00 at Merrill Gardens in Campbell.  Panelists Rick Huang, Greg Dietrich, and Thomas Wang opined on: How are you preparing for the next bear market?  The meeting notes are here.
      • May 10 at 7:00 at Merrill Gardens in Campbell–an Investors’ Roundtable panel and Q&A. The meeting notes are here.
      • June 14 at 7:00.  The speaker was Maureen O’Connell, JD on What You Need to Know About Estate Planning
      • July 16 at 7:00.  TWO topics:  Wild Cards and Black Swans:  What are they and how to prepare – by Arun Koparkar AND Treasury Securities by Jim Cosgrove.  Jim’s presentation is here.
      • September 20 at 7:00.  Jim Cosgrove presented Creating Your Financial Wellness Checklist.
      • November 12 at 7:00.  Steve Yang led a review and discussion of Ray Dalio’s book, “Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crises”.  Steve’s review is here.  The book is available as a free download here.

 Our meetings in 2015 – 2017 are here.

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