Merrill Gardens

Merrill Gardens generously provides our meeting space at no cost.

Location: Merrill Gardens is a senior living community at 2115 Winchester Blvd in Campbell, near the intersection of Winchester Blvd and Campbell Avenue.

Parking: Use nearby ground level retail spaces or street parking. DO NOT PARK in the fountain circle–it’s for drop-offs, pick-ups, and emergency vehicle access.  DO NOT PARK in the underground garage; it’s locked after 8pm.

Building Entry: Enter through the front double doors. Walk straight ahead to the receptionist’s desk. Sign in as a guest using the touch screen. Our meeting space is the activity room, down the hallway to the right.

Facility Use: Except for the restrooms, do not wander around the facility–it is home for over 100 people. We must leave the activity room in the order we found it.  Everyone is expected to vacate the building by 9pm.  There is space for about 50 people, so bring your spouse, partner, friend.